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The best possible outcome is to end up with a unique resume that will really stand out on the hiring manager's desk. With that in mind, it can seem counterproductive to use resume examples when creating your own, but this is not the case. In fact, good resume examples can give you an inspiration to really make yours pop. Whatever the industry, you want to present a resume that stands out among other candidates. Follow these resume examples to get ideas on how to write a resume.
Resume Examples

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The Benefits of Resume Examples

There are a number of reasons why you should consider looking at resume examples when you start writing your resume. Job seekers who want to step outside the box and create a great resume that makes a good first impression will find resume examples beneficial for these reasons:

Identifying keywords

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) check resumes for keywords and required job titles; if your resume doesn’t pass, then it won’t even be seen by a recruiter. Considering a relevant example, such as an engineering resume sample, will allow you to make a list of hard and soft skills that you should include in your own job application. For example, if the job description you intend to apply for requires you to manage a team and meet deadlines, then “project management” would be a crucial keyword in your skills section.

Getting an idea of how recruiters see resumes

If you take the time to consider a range of relevant resume examples and samples, then you will get an idea of how hiring managers view the resumes that they receive. Look at how different examples list work history, skills, and academic achievements to get ideas for how to best present your own qualifications.

Accelerate the resume writing process

Sometimes the thing that holds a job seeker back during the resume writing process is a lack of ideas. A few good samples can help jumpstart you when you feel stuck and help you complete your own resume more quickly.

Ideas for tailoring the perfect resume for each job description

Whether you want to work in human resources or child care, or as an entry-level worker or as a manager, there are certain resume styles and formats that will be best for your job application. If you look at resume examples specific to your field and the specific job you intend to apply for, then you will have a better chance of writing the best resume for you.

We don’t just stop at resume examples, either; ResumeNerd also has a full array of resume writing tips that will help you to write a great resume and get a new job.

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How to Use Resume Examples

Resume Examples

The first step in ensuring that you get the best from available resume examples is to research examples that fit into your industry. Once you have identified a range of resume examples that are suitable for your desired job title, whether that is an office manager or graphic designer, there are some steps you should take.

First, you should highlight all of the technical skills, certifications and experience in these examples that you also have. Consider every part of the sample resume, including the resume summary: note specific qualifications or experiences that signal what employers are looking for (e.g., “Exceptional attention to detail” or “Creating PowerPoint presentations”). Once you have done this, you will have a good idea of which skills are crucial to the industry and job title.

Second, you should note which format works best. If most of the features you like are in examples with a chronological resume format, for example, then you might want to consider using this format yourself (unless it is unsuitable for your work history).

Finally, you should look to see if these examples use any design elements that are appropriate to the industry. If you work in healthcare, for example, then you may not want a resume layout that has bold logos or design elements, but you might want that layout for a creative industry.

Once you have looked through a selection of resume examples that you like and you have gathered all of your information together, you should consider using a resume builder to streamline the process of creating your resume.

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Resume Examples

Situations Where Resume Examples Can Help You

If you have a lot of experience in conducting a job search, then resume examples may not be a necessity for you when updating your own resume. However, there are a number of situations in which a job seeker might find resume templates and examples beneficial. Some examples include;

  • When you have never written a resume before
  • When you are writing a resume for a more advanced job (for example, a manager resume)
  • When you want to write an effective general resume to tailor later
  • When your current resume is not making a good first impression
  • When you are going through a career change (for example, becoming a software engineer after having been an administrative assistant)

These are just some examples of times when looking at resume examples might be beneficial for a job seeker. The truth is that resume examples can be useful for just about any situation, since it’s good practice to update your resume regularly. If you check examples regularly, then you can prevent your own resume from becoming dated.

FAQ: Skills for Your Resume

Unless you already know which resume format you want to use, you should consider resume examples in all three of the common formats
(chronological, functional and combination) to get an idea of how they look. This may help you to decide which is best for your job search.

There are five main sections that should be included in any resume:

- Contact information (your phone number, etc.)
- Summary statement (or objective statement)
- Work experience
- Relevant skills
- Educational achievements

You can also add sections for certifications or “other activities” such as internships if you wish, but only if they are relevant to the job you are applying for. These details should be in their own dedicated sections.

Yes, you should include a matching cover letter with your resume unless a potential employer specifically says they do not wish applicants to send one. ResumeNerd has a range of cover letter tips that you can consider to help you create a great cover letter.