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Digital Marketing Resume Example

Digital marketing is only becoming more relevant in an increasingly digital age. If you’re looking to become a digital marketing strategist and utilize your knowledge of various digital marketing campaigns and projects, you first need to have a great resume. Here’s how you can write a digital marketing resume for any job.

Jobs That Can Use Digital Marketing Resumes

If you are helping a company sell something online, you can benefit from using a digital marketing resume sample. Here are a few digital marketing jobs that fall into this category:

  • Digital copywriting
  • Email marketing expert
  • SEO professional
  • E-commerce expert
  • Content marketing strategist
  • General marketing professional
Looking through a digital marketing manager resume can help you write resumes for all of these positions.

Important Elements For Digital Marketing Resumes

To create a digital marketing resume that effectively showcases your skills, you need to divide your resume into multiple resume sections. Here are the most important components to include.

Resume summary or objective

At the top of your resume, you need a two- to three-sentence paragraph to introduce yourself to the hiring manager. Depending on how much marketing experience you have, you’ll either write a resume summary or a resume objective. If you are an entry-level online marketing hopeful, you will write a resume objective that outlines your skills and education and explains your career objective. But, if you have more experience, you will write a resume summary, which highlights your best experience and achievements.


Your skills section should include hard skills which are the skills you've been trained in, and; soft skills, which are general skills that relate to how you interact with others. Here are a few bullet points to include in this section for your digital marketing resume:

  • Social media marketing knowledge (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Google Analytics and Google Ads knowledge
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  • General marketing strategies
  • Digital marketing skills
  • Brand awareness
  • Content management
  • Conversion rates and other metrics
  • Project management
  • Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign)
  • Paid ads and PPC campaigns
  • Advertising automation
  • Email campaigns
  • Knowledge of WordPress and HubSpot
  • Lead generation
  • Ability to maintain a website (Landing pages, HTML, fonts, etc.)
  • Market research

However, you shouldn’t just list these skills in a row. Instead, check the job description to see exactly what the company wants from an applicant and use those skills on your resume.

Work experience

Your work experience section should include all previous job titles where marketing, especially digital marketing, was an important part of your job. This can even include jobs where you weren't considered a digital marketing specialist but still handled a lot of marketing or any internships within the field.;


Your education section may vary depending on your courses and skills over the years. A bachelor’s degree is an important part of becoming a marketer. Although a generalized marketing degree is the most common degree rather than a specialized digital marketing degree.


Once you have your marketing degree, you can become certified in several tools. Through their in-house certification programs, consider pursuing certification in Google Analytics, Google Ads and HubSpot.

FAQ: Digital Marketing Resume Examples

It’s always important to submit a cover letter and a digital marketing resume. Your cover letter allows you to outline marketing roles you may have held in other companies, explain why you are the best candidate for the company you’re applying to and fill out reasons you’re a good addition to this company’s marketing team. Use the ResumeNerd cover letter builder to create yours.

Entry-level digital marketing jobs can sometimes rely on your education rather than solely relying on years of experience. If you’re trying to get a digital marketing job and don’t have much experience, discuss your academic experience, lay out the marketing skills you possess and show why your potential will be a great addition to the team.

You shouldn’t be submitting the same resume to every job. Instead, you must read the job description and see how the recruiter describes their ideal candidate. Then, show off the skills that make you look like the perfect digital marketing specialist. This way, the hiring manager knows you’re the right person they’re looking for.