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Resume Templates

To create an effective, eye-catching resume that hits the right chord with hiring managers, use a professional template. Whether you’re looking to build a resume using a straightforward design or impress an employer with a striking layout, ResumeNerd has the right template for you. Just pick a template, we’ll help you fill it in, and you’ll have a strong resume that’s perfect for your job application.

Ensign Resume Templates

The mix of shaded headers and monogram elements results in a modern, organized presentation.

Accord Resume Templates

A tasteful monogram header design and simple, effective dividing lines distinguish this resume template.

Stalwart Resume Templates

Shaded headings and a clean font result in a crisp, streamlined layout that's easy to scan.

Enterprise Resume Templates

Sometimes a straightforward layout is best, and this template delivers it with its use of font colors and monogram header.

Impresa Resume Templates

Impress potential employers with this template, which features professional fonts and a distinctive header.

Heron Resume Templates

In this layout, the header and section headings are centered, making it a breeze for employers to read.

Venture Resume Templates

This template's bold capitalized headers and use of white space make it easy on the eyes, as well as easy to scan.

Alder Resume Templates

If you're looking for a professional template, this design fits the bill with its straightforward presentation.

Iconic Resume Templates

Give your resume a bold, strong look with this template, which features an eye-catching two-column design.

Hospitality Resume Templates

For a powerful look, go with this unique two-column design that uses colorful headers to present the job seeker's qualifications.

Traditional Resume Templates

The job seeker's name is front and center in this classic layout, which emphasizes organization and clarity.

Why You Should Use Our Resume Templates

Maximize efficiency in creating your resume

Because resume templates provide structure for your resume, they allow you to write a professional resume far more quickly than if you started from scratch. They also make it easier for you to create multiple versions of the same resume for different job opportunities.

Rank well in ATS

Employers often use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to scan resumes. As many as 3 in 4 resumes can be rejected by ATS, and one of the major reasons is having a resume layout that isn’t easy to scan. Our resume templates are employer-ready, which means you can rest assured they’ll make it past ATS.

Showcase who you are using our wide range of resume designs

Whether you require a simple resume template for a career in a traditional industry like finance or engineering, or want a more modern template or colorful layout for a creative role such as graphic design, we’ve got the right resume template for you. Sometimes the right design can help your resume rise to the top and land you your dream job.

Create the right resume with a template and resume builder

A good resume template is a great start, but to create a resume that really shines, use our resume builder. All of our templates can be used in the builder, along with job-specific suggestions to “auto-fill” each section of your resume. Just make minor adjustments as needed, and you’ll have a perfectly formatted, tailored resume that’s just right for the job you want.

A great resume template can help you make a great first impression on a hiring manager, but remember to build on that strong start with the right content. Resume design can only go so far when it comes to overall readability and featuring the right qualifications, after all.

Resume Templates

What’s the Best Template to Use for My Resume?

The best way to decide which resume template will work for you, whether it is a traditional layout or a more modern or creative resume template, is to try it out. Use the ResumeNerd resume builder to see more than one template in action and see which works best for you. You should also think about these questions:

  • Consider the company you intend to apply to. Are they a traditional institution or one that prioritizes creativity? These kinds of questions can help you choose a resume template with the right “look” for your needs.
  • Consider your resume format and whether the template works for that format:

    Chronological resume: Emphasis on work history

    Functional resume: Emphasis on skills and abilities

    Combination resume: Emphasis on both skills and work history

  • Use a template that appeals to you. In the end, you should pick a template that best represents your personality and your skills as a job candidate.

Start With One of These Job Specific Resume Examples

Administrative Assistant Resume Example RNerd

Administrative Assistant Resume Example

Web Developer Resume Example RNerd

Web Developer Resume Example

Teacher Resume Example RNerd

Teacher Resume Example

Business Analyst Resume Example RNerd

Business Analyst Resume Example

Customer Service Representative Resume Example RNerd

Customer Service Representative Resume Example

Data Analyst Resume Example RNerd

Data Analyst Resume Example

Software Engineer Resume Example RNerd

Software Engineer Resume Example

Sales Associate Resume Example RNerd

Sales Associate Resume Example

Project Manager Resume Example RNerd

Project Manager Resume Example

Nurse Resume Example RNerd

Nurse Resume Example

Mechanical Engineer Resume Example RNerd

Mechanical Engineer Resume Example

Graphic Designer Resume Example RNerd

Graphic Designer Resume Example

Build My Resume
Resume Templates

How to Fill Out Your Resume Template

Every resume is different because every candidate is different, but there are certain features which should be included in every resume. No matter if you’re using a basic template or something with more graphic elements, these sections will make up the body of your resume layout:

  • Header

    Your resume header should contain crucial information such as your full name, your phone number and additional contact information.

  • Resume summary or resume objective

    The resume summary or resume objective statement may only be a few sentences long, but it’s key to grabbing employers’ attention. A summary (which is preferred by most job seekers with experience) is an overview of your best skills, work achievements and qualifications, while an objective (which is used by is a statement of your career goals and top skills.

  • Skills section

    The skills section is for highlighting top abilities and skills that best fit the specific job you’re applying for. Feature relevant technical (also known as hard) skills such as knowledge of specific software, as well as soft skills such as your ability to collaborate, or attention to detail. Follow the lead of our resume templates and present this section in bullet points to save space and ensure clarity.

  • Work experience/Work history section

    Your work experience section is a record of your employment history, presented in reverse-chronological order, beginning with your most recent job title, along with 3-5 bullet points for each job that spell out your top responsibilities and achievements. Plan to list up to the last 10 years of work experience, unless the job posting requires otherwise.

  • Education section

    List your top academic achievements such as your college or high school degree in your education section, with the most recent accreditation first. You can also include awards or special honors you’ve attained.

In addition to these basic sections, you may also see sections for internships, volunteer work or professional certifications, if you feel that they will be relevant to the job description that you are applying for. For a full rundown on how to put together your resume, visit our How to Write a Resume page, and for tips on how to write a strong cover letter to complement your resume, see our How to Write a Cover Letter page.

Get Even More Help with Resume Examples

For an extra boost to help you write the perfect resume, use our resume examples. Think of samples as resume templates that are “filled in” with job-specific information. Our examples contain content that is geared towards the job, and can serve as a solid foundation for writing your own resume. Whether you’re applying for a nursing, data analyst or project manager position, we’ve got a specific resume example that you can customize to create the right resume for you.

FAQ: Resume Templates

A resume template is a layout for your resume that provides structure for each section. All you need to do is add your own information in order to create an effective, professional resume. Using the right professionally-designed resume template can help you construct a more attractive resume that scans well and stands out to recruiters.

Yes, most resume templates can accommodate the most common resume formats. When you pick a resume template that is designed for the format you intend to use, you will have a better chance of showcasing your skills and experience. ResumeNerd has a range of templates you can choose from.

The best resume template for your needs should be ATS-friendly and easy for readers to scan, contains simple but strong design elements, and is flexible enough to accommodate your credentials, whether you’re emphasizing your skills or devoting more space to your work history. Whether you’re seeking a modern resume template for your job search, or need something more minimalist, we’ve got free resume templates you can use.

You should aim for a one-page resume where possible. If you have a large amount of professional experience or you work in a specialist field, two pages are acceptable as long as all of the details you include are relevant to the job you want.

If you’re a first-time job seeker, you’ll likely be emphasizing skills rather than experience, so go for a minimalist template that best displays those skills, while also presenting a crisp, professional resume look. To find the right template, just use our resume builder and experiment with as many templates as you want.

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