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About ResumeNerd

We are a best-in-class online resume, cover letter, and job search platform.



We’ve been creating career development tools and software since 2016

Our goal since inception has always been to help people get ahead in life by figuring out how to navigate the job search and job application process. Whether you’re a student or experienced executive, we have the tools to help you with every step of the job seeking journey.


We strive to build the best-in-class job tools to help people succeed.

We help people to feel confident. To write and format their job search documents in the way that recruiters and hiring managers expect. To understand which jobs will consider them to be a good match, and to improve their match with the jobs that they want.

“Very professional. I think it will boost people’s confidence and take the headache out of writing the resume by yourself.”

Savannah S.

ResumeNerd User

“This is one of the best resume sites I have seen so far. I’ve tried a bunch of them that are kind of cookie-cutter.”

Amanda V.

ResumeNerd User

“It helped me word things better than I could have myself and gave me more than expected out of a resume builder.”

Brandon E.

ResumeNerd User

“I would use this again and recommend this to someone to build a resume really fast. It’s also very customizable.”

Tiffany S.

ResumeNerd User

ResumeNerd Tools

We innovate and build the best-in-class career tools that have helped millions of job seekers maximize their opportunities, and love nothing more than to delight our customers with a positive job search outcome.

We apply Artificial Intelligence to help people to find the right words to use on their documents, find the best matching job opportunities, and ultimately present the best version of themselves to employers so they can get the best opportunities and live their best lives.


Create a professional job-winning resume in minutes

Cover Letter Builder

Create a professional cover letter to pair with your resume.


See which skills and keywords you’re missing for specific job requirements.

Resume-Score Bot

Get your resume scored and find out simple ways to improve key areas.


Get personalized job matches based on your unique skills and experience.

Job-Fit Meter

Our new Job-Fit Meter will show you which jobs are most relevant to you.


How it works – create your resume in minutes.


Step-by-step builder

We’ll provide expert guidance for every section of your resume. Creating a resume has never been easier!


Choose a template

Our professionally designed templates are optimized to help you get past recruiter screening technology.


Download your resume

Download in PDF, MSWord, or TXT. You may also print or email your resume to employers directly from ResumeNerd.