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Best Nursing Cover Letter Example

Whether you are applying for an entry-level nursing position or an experienced registered nurse job, you need a great cover letter. Using a nursing cover letter template or example will help you to write the best cover letter possible to get any nursing job. In your nursing cover letter, you can highlight your nursing skills, communication skills, and special qualities that make you the best candidate for the job. Once you have completed your resume, it is easy to turn your information into a professional cover letter. Use this guide to catch the attention of the hiring manager and begin your new job in healthcare.

Nursing Cover Letter Sample

Five Sections Of A Great Nursing Cover Letter

A cover letter is a one-page document that introduces you to the hiring manager. A cover letter strategically uses information from your nursing resume and the job description to show them why you are the best person for the role. A resume cover letter typically consists of the following sections:

Contact information

Your contact information should be included in the header of your cover letter so the hiring manager or recruiter can easily find it to contact you for an interview or follow-up questions. Include:

  • Your full name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Professional links, such as LinkedIn

Personal greeting or salutation

On the left side of the page, date your cover letter and list the address and contact information of the company. Greet the hiring manager personally by using their name. For example, “Dear Mr. [Hiring manager’s name.]” If the job description does not list their name, then you may be able to find it by researching the company through their website or LinkedIn. Using a name rather than a generic greeting makes it more likely for your cover letter to be read.

An opening paragraph with a hook

Make your first paragraph your best because this will determine if the hiring manager goes on to read the rest of your cover letter. State the job you are applying for, and try to hook the hiring manager with a unique selling point that makes you stand out from other applicants. For example, if you have ten years of experience as a nurse practitioner or you’re a new grad of a prestigious medical center program, then write about this in your opening paragraph.

Your skills, achievements, and unique qualities

The body of your cover letter should include more details about your prior work experience, education, or internships. You can use bullet points to list tasks you were responsible for if it helps to organize the body of your letter better. Tell the hiring manager about additional relevant skills, certifications, or training you have.

For a registered nurse, this may include:

  • Patient care
  • Empathy
  • CPR
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Pain management

You can also include a referral if you have one, such as a teacher, mentor, or former colleague.

A closing paragraph with a call to action

The closing paragraph of your cover letter should reiterate your enthusiasm for the position, and give thanks to the hiring manager for taking the time to review your job application. Close out with a call to action. Invite the hiring manager to contact you for an interview or further conversation.

FAQ: Nursing Cover Letter Example

You should always customize your cover letter for each new job you apply for. Look at the job ad or job posting and note key words, phrases, skills, and qualities that are required for the position. Tailor your cover letter to feature the qualities that you possess, and show the hiring manager that you are a match for this specific position. While a generic letter might help you get your job application in faster, it won’t make as strong an impact on a hiring manager.

While having a reference is always a great way to get your foot in the door, you should still strive to make a professional first impression. This includes submitting a cover letter and resume to each job you apply to. Your connection at the job may transfer, retire or move on and you will not be able to rely on this advantage. Having the perfect cover letter can make a lasting impression on your potential employers that stays with you throughout your time at the job.

You can stand out from other job seekers during your job search by emphasizing your unique skill set, qualities, and experiences. The best way to get a hiring manager to notice these qualities is by presenting them in an organized and straightforward way. Use your nursing cover letter to your advantage by following the tips above to put yourself in the best light and show why you’re the right person for the job. Use a simple and classic cover letter format and font so that your skills and experience are what draw the hiring manager’s attention.