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Beyond the Resume: Gaining Job Skills for a Better Resume

Don’t have superhero powers to list on your resume? Job skills for your resume are the next best thing. In this article, you’ll learn eve...

Best Ways to Easily Improve Your Functional Resume

Applying to jobs with a functional resume can seem like an uphill battle. Truthfully, it kind of is — this skill-heavy functional resume...

The Difference and Use Between CV and Resume Format

Should you use the CV format or the traditional resume format for job applications? In this guide, you will learn the difference between a CV...

Get Hired in the Creative Field With These Resume Tips

Use these tips and examples to write your own artist resume and get hired in a creative industry this year.
What To Know About Putting Your Address On Your Resume

What to Know About Putting Your Address on Your Resume

Opinions vary on whether you should put your address on your resume in %currentyear%. Here are pros and cons to including your address, plus...
How To Write A Resume More Effectively

How to Write a Resume More Effectively

The quality of your resume makes a huge impact on getting a job. Here’s some best practices for writing a resume.

How to Update Your Resume This Year

Vintage is cool, but not for resumes. If you’re applying to jobs with an outdated chronological resume, employers could be skipping over...
Use These Nanny Resume Examples To Build Yours

Use These Nanny Resume Examples to Build Yours

Your nanny resume needs to showcase that you can take care of another person’s children. Here’s how you can show off your nanny skills an...
The Best Nursing Student Resume Example

The Best Nursing Student Resume Example

As a nursing student, you may need to showcase your skills in a unique way. Here’s how you make a hiring manager notice your nursing skills...
What Does A Cover Letter Look Like?

Top Sales Representative Resume Examples for This Year

Are you interested in acquiring an outstanding sales representative job? Here are a few resume writing tips for this type of resume.