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ResumeNerd’s free resume builder provides unique resume templates, tailored content and step-by-step guidance with every aspect of resume creation. Use our builder to create an optimized resume that can pass applicant tracking systems (ATS), shows off the right qualifications to your potential employer and gets you your dream job.
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The Benefits of a Resume Builder

In the current job market, simply having the right work experience and skills often is not enough to stand out. A compelling resume is one of the best ways to catch a recruiter's eye and improve your job search. To help you stand out from other job seekers, our online resume builder uses professional resume templates which can be customized to suit your specific needs. This makes it easy to try multiple resume formats and layouts before making a choice that fits your profession and career path.

It’s never been easier to build a perfect resume now with our builder, which features:

  • Design options: Choose from a dozen professionally-designed templates to fit your needs, from streamlined and straightforward to creative and colorful.
  • Convenience: When you use our resume builder, you can save your work at any point, and download and send your resume easily.
  • Speed: Writing a resume on your own can be time-consuming. Our resume creator can help you create a new resume in less than 10 minutes.
  • Easy updates: Not every job is the same, and the same should for your resume. Create, revise, save and download as many versions of your resume as you need, to address any job description.

Build Your Resume, Step-by-Step

Whether you want a traditional or modern resume, or just need some help with your resume writing, a good resume maker can make the process much easier. Even if you just want to see what a different resume layout might look like for you, a resume creator is a great tool.

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How to Use Our Resume Builder

Most resume builders are intended to be user-friendly; ours goes the extra mile by providing you with everything you need to fill out your resume. Just follow these steps:

1. Enter your basic information.

To get started, just input your basic information (name, contact information) that will go at the top of your resume.

2. We’ll help you fill out your work experience.

We’ll help you fill out your work experience.

Enter basic information for your most recent jobs, and based on the job title, we’ll give you specific suggestions for bullet points that will populate your work history section. Use whatever suggestions you like, and edit them if needed.

3. Follow our step-by-step advice to fill out the rest of your resume.

Follow our step-by-step advice to fill out the rest of your resume.

We’ll guide you through your skills, education and resume summary sections. The result? A professional resume that showcases all of your most important skills and achievements.

4. Finalize your template, save your resume.

Changing your resume layout is as easy as a single click. Pick from our wide range of resume templates, save your resume, and download it as a Microsoft Word document, PDF or text file.

What Jobseekers Say About ResumeNerd’s Resume Builder

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“This is one of the best resume sites I have seen so far. I've tried a bunch of them that are kind of cookie-cutter.”

Amanda V.

ResumeNerd User

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“Very professional. I think it will boost people’s confidence and take the headache out of writing the resume by yourself.”

Savannah S.

ResumeNerd User

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“It helped me word things better than I could have myself and gave me more than expected out of a resume builder.”

Brandon E.

ResumeNerd User

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“I would use this again and recommend this to someone to build a resume really fast. It’s also very customizable.”

Tiffany S.

ResumeNerd User

Top 3 Tips for Creating a Unique Resume with Our Resume Builder

Now that you have the right resume builder for your resume, it’s time to really make your resume shine. Just follow these tips for taking full advantage of the builder.

  • Place the right keywords in your resume.

    Read over the job description and take note of the key skills and work experiences the job requires (such as proficiency in Microsoft Office, or customer service abilities and experiences). Match these keywords with your own skills and experiences, and include them when you build a resume. This will ensure your resume gets a passing grade from applicant tracking systems (ATS) that employers use to scan resumes for keywords. Visit our resume keywords tips page for more expert tips on using keywords.

  • Consider extra sections such as certifications and awards.

    Our resume builder easily accommodates extra sections if you need them. If you’re applying for a job that requires certain certifications, create an extra section for certifications to show them you’ve got the right training and knowledge for the job. Likewise, if you have previous accomplishments such as awards or publications that will appeal to your potential employer, create separate sections for them.

  • Use a template that fits the job.

    Our resume templates run the gamut, from straightforward professional layouts to more creative, colorful designs. Use a template that best fits both the job and your personality. For example, a position with a cutting-edge tech company would benefit from a resume that shows some design flair, whereas a resume for a medical position would come off better if it has a more traditional look that radiates professionalism and dependability.

    Your resume isn’t the only document that can make or break your job application – an accompanying cover letter can also go a long way to convincing hiring managers you’re the right person for the position. Use our cover letter builder to create a letter that complements your resume!

Use Our Professional Resume Examples

In addition to the resume builder, we have a range of high-quality resume samples that you can use for inspiration. We’ve even got bad resume examples to show you what not to do if you want to really impress recruiters. Just select an example, and you can edit and save your own resume using the builder.

Resume Builder

Start With One of These Job Specific Examples

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Web Developer Resume Example

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Sales Associate Resume Example

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Mechanical Engineer Resume Example

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Administrative Assistant Resume Example

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Software Engineer Resume Example

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Project Manager Resume Example

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Nurse Example Resume

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Graphic Designer Resume Example

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Customer Service Resume Example

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Teacher Resume Example

Build My Resume

FAQ: Resume Builders

Put simply, a resume builder is an app that helps you create a resume. Most resume builders provide a selection of templates you can choose from as the foundation of your resume, and walk you through the process of creating a resume using step-by-step instructions for filling out each section of your resume.

Some might argue that using a builder can result in a “cookie cutter” resume that’s very similar to other resumes, but as long as you’re emphasizing your specific skills and qualifications in your resume, and making the most of the builder’s templates and suggestions, you should end up with a resume that looks professional but also presents you as a unique job candidate.

Rather than think about whether there’s a “best” resume builder out there, focus on finding a resume maker that is easy to use, provides employer-ready layouts and solid suggestions, and allows you to save and download as many versions of your resume as you need.

Yes! Applicant tracking systems (ATS) that scan resumes are now common, and a resume builder can help you to create a resume that scores well. These systems use AI (artificial intelligence) to assess the presence or absence of keywords and important professional experiences in a resume before determining whether the resume should be passed on to hiring managers. A resume builder can help to make your resume ATS-friendly by ensuring that it has a clear, easy-to-scan layout and the right keywords in the right places.

Not necessarily. Some paid templates may be more complex or have detailed design features, but they don’t necessarily give you an advantage over a free template that provides a professional, easy-to-read layout. Try out the free resume and cover letter templates on this site before you consider spending money on templates.

Yes, your cover letter should complement your resume in design. Consistency in font type and size, as well as a matching color scheme, will ensure that your job application has a consistent, professional appearance. If you use our resume and cover letter builders, you can easily create resumes and cover letters that match up in style and color.