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Software Developer Resume Samples

Software development is a critically important part of the modern era. If you’re interested in becoming a software developer, then there are plenty of software engineer jobs out there that you can apply for. However, even if you’re completely qualified, you may still struggle to find jobs that work for you because the application process is more complicated than it may seem at first. If you’re looking to land a great job, then here’s how to use a software engineer resume sample to create your best resume.

What Is A Software Developer Resume?

A software developer, also called a full-stack developer, is someone who creates and manages software for a living. Software is what drives the world, and that means every time you do almost anything in the modern world, there was a software engineer who made that possible. If you’re looking to become a software developer, then you need software developer or software engineer resume examples to help you structure your own.

Tips for Writing a Software Developer Resume

  • Emphasize both soft skills and hard skills. A software engineer resume needs to include both of these, as you’ll often need to work in teams while also needing to know software development skills.
  • Include all college experience you have in your past, including experience that seems like it’s unrelated to software development. It can still showcase a great work ethic and a strong desire to learn technical skills.
  • Be as specific as you can be in your skills section. Because computer science is such a wide umbrella term, skills are what show a hiring manager what work you can really do.

Software Developer Resume Example

How To Format Your Software Developer Resume

Your resume format will be a significant focus of the structure of your resume. The chronological format is by far the most common, but it emphasizes work history, so if you don’t have much work experience, it may not be the best option for you. In these cases, the functional or combination resumes may be better, as they both emphasize skills to an extent instead. However, regardless of format, you’ll likely see these headings.

Resume header

Your resume header is at the very top of your resume and is technically part of the resume design. This is where your full name, contact information, job networking profile links , phone number, and email address will be featured.

Resume summary and objective

The first real section of your resume is the resume summary or resume objective. This is a two or three sentence paragraph at the very top of the resume that goes over your experience, skills and other information. The resume summary is a straightforward summary of the entire resume, while the resume objective includes an objective or career goal you want to accomplish.


Your skills section is always going to be one of the most important resume sections, largely because your skill set impacts the type of work you can do. Here are a few software engineer skills you might want to use as bullet points:

  • Programming languages (JavaScript, Python, PHP, CSS, HTML)
  • Operating systems (Linux, Mac OS, Windows)
  • Software development frameworks and methodologies (Agile, Scrum)
  • Working on backend and front-end code
  • Understanding API
  • Debugging problems
  • Full software development life cycle
  • Project management
  • Management systems (Oracle, MySQL)
  • Troubleshooting problems

These are just some of the relevant skills that you may want to include on your professional resume.

Work experience

Your work experience section may be one of the most important sections on your resume. This is where you can include all relevant experience from your work history. This is typically all of your job titles from the past ten years. Some higher-level resumes, like a senior software engineer resume, may have a reason to include more than ten years of experience, but you should generally only go to ten years unless you have a reason to include more.


The last section of your resume is your education section. This is where you list all college experience, certifications and qualifications. Although some software developers may only have a high school diploma, most developers pursue a college degree in a field like computer science.

FAQ: Software Developer Resume

You can, to an extent. It’s important to remember that while hiring managers will usually want a software developer with experience, that doesn’t mean you can only get a software developer job if you’ve already been a software developer for multiple years. Instead, you can list information like internships, volunteer experience and hobbyist work. Additionally, with less professional experience, focus your resume more thoroughly on your skills.

Definitely. Resume templates can play a huge part in creating a great-looking resume. Oftentimes, you can find resume templates that are even better than whatever you might have been able to create yourself. Use the ResumeNerd resume builder to create a software developer resume that you’re really proud of.

You should include a cover letter in all job applications, including your software developer application. A cover letter allows you to talk directly to the hiring manager, discuss your resume in slightly more detail, and even ask directly for a job interview, which you can’t do with a traditional resume. If you’re looking to create a more effective job application, then use the cover letter builder from ResumeNerd to create your cover letter.