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Perfect Resume

So there’s an opening for your dream job, and you’re definitely qualified. How can you ensure that you get hired? You need to write the perfect resume for the job title you want to land. A good resume won’t do; it has to be just right. This article will show you how to write the perfect resume and land the new job you have been dreaming about.

What Makes A Resume Perfect?

The perfect resume will be different depending on the job, and this is part of what defines a perfect resume. The perfect resume is one that is tailored to address the specific needs of the job you’re applying for. These are the features of a perfect resume:

  • Proper formatting
  • An appropriate and eye-catching layout
  • A format that showcases a job seeker’s best skills and achievements
  • Work experience that is highly relevant to the job description
  • The right qualifications and professional certifications
  • Well-written sections that provide specific details of relevant achievements

In short, the perfect resume is one that is tailored to suit the person it represents as well as the job posting that it is being submitted for.

How to Tailor Your Perfect Resume

Once you’ve filled out the above outline with your information, you will have a strong basic resume. This is a good start, but it is not enough to ensure you land your dream job. If you want to submit the perfect resume, then you will need to tailor this generic resume to suit each application. Consider these resume tailoring tips to help you create the perfect resume for any application:

  • Use keywords from the job posting (e.g., specific skills and job requirements) to ensure your resume is ATS-friendly.
  • Use action verbs when discussing your work history and achievements (e.g., “Managed team of 20,” or “Oversaw implementation of new process”).
  • When discussing your successes, use specific metrics and numbers where possible (for example, “Improved customer satisfaction scores by 15%”).
  • Feature skills you have that match the necessary requirements and duties listed in the job description, and show how you use these skills in your work history section.
  • If you lack professional experience, emphasize skills and take advantage of any relevant unpaid experience by listing internships or volunteer work.

Finally, take the time to proofread your resume thoroughly before you submit it. These simple steps will help you to land job interviews and increase your chances of getting a new job.

Perfect Resume Example

Perfect Resume Example

The Structure Of A Perfect Resume

Choosing the right format and structure is a crucial aspect of resume writing. There are three main resume formats that you can choose from chronological, functional, and hybrid. A chronological or reverse-chronological resume is the most traditional format and focuses on work experience. This makes it the best highly experienced candidate. A functional resume is one that focuses on hard and soft skills, showing competencies rather than work history. This is better for those who lack work experience but can get a negative reaction from recruiters. Finally, a hybrid or combination resume is one that balances skills and work history, making it a good choice for those with limited work experience while still being easy for most hiring managers to scan. Whatever resume format you choose, your resume should always include the following sections:


This section should contain your full name, phone number, secondary contact information, and professional social media, e.g., your LinkedIn profile. The header should sit at the very top of your resume.

Summary or objective statement

A resume summary provides a sum-up of your key achievements and qualifications. This means it is best for those with lots of work experience. If you lack professional experience, then a resume objective statement will be better as this is a statement of goals.


Your skills section should contain 8 to 12 bullet points detailing your most relevant technical, hard, and soft skills. This section is vital to your ranking well with applicant tracking systems ATS) that employers use to scan resumes, so consider relevant resume examples to get inspiration.

Work history

Your work experience section should contain up to the last ten years of your professional experience, presented in reverse chronological order, most recent or current job first. Include the job title, company name, and employment dates for each position, as well as bullet-list overviews of your duties and achievements.


Your resume education section should include only the most advanced and relevant academic achievements you have. For example, if you have a bachelor’s degree, then your high school GPA will not be needed on your resume.

You can also add extra sections for professional certifications, volunteer work, internships, and relevant coursework; it all depends on what job you are applying for. Remember that your resume design is also important; consider using professional resume templates to give you an edge. The ResumeNerd resume builder offers access to a range of beautiful resume templates that are in line with all US resume formatting guidelines.

FAQ: Perfect Resume

There are resumes that are perfect for a specific job posting, but there is no such thing as a universally perfect resume for any role. The best resume is one that addresses the specific needs of the job description.

If you want to make sure that your resume scans well in applicant tracking systems, then you need to consider the design, format, and content. For example, a creative resume design or an unusual layout may make it harder for ATS to scan a resume. If you want to make a resume easy to scan, stick to minimalist, clean-cut resume layouts. As for the content of your resume, try to mirror the keywords and essential skills mentioned in the job description.

Yes, using a resume template can be a great way to ensure your resume is properly formatted and professional in appearance. If you want to ensure that your job application has a coherent and professional look overall, then you can also use a matching cover letter template via the ResumeNerd cover letter builder.