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Retail Cover Letter Sample

A cover letter can be one of the most important elements of your job application. Hiring managers are almost certainly going to want to see your skills showcased in your cover letter. Here’s how you can write a great retail cover letter for your job application.

Retail Cover Letter Example

How to Write a Retail Cover Letter With This Example

The first step to turning any retail manager cover letter into your own is to write the cover letter heading. This is where you put your full name, contact information including your phone number, and social media links, including your LinkedIn profile. This is all information the recruiter wants to see when they read your cover letter. From there, you can write the actual content.

Opening paragraph: Hook and major skills or achievements

In the opening paragraph, you need a hook that compels your potential employer to keep reading and sets you apart from other job seekers. Here, the applicant mentions the success she’s seen in her current position, bringing up how she improved sales by 19% in three weeks. She also mentions the job she’s applying for at the end of the paragraph.

Body paragraph: More details on skills and talents

Once you’ve caught a hiring manager’s attention, it’s time to give more details about your skills and experience. In this example, the applicant focuses mostly on soft skills: a drive to learn product knowledge, great communication skills, and an ability to connect with customers. These are all competencies that can be hard to find in a job applicant, and they’re an important part of a job description.

Closing paragraph: Call to Action, Sign-off

In your closing paragraph, sum up what makes you a good candidate for the position, and end with a call to action(e.g., “Let me know when we can sit down together).

FAQ: Retail Cover Letter Example

A cover letter is extremely important when you are looking for a new job, no matter what that job is. If you’re looking to impress a hiring manager, you should use a cover letter as part of your job search process. For expert guidance and professional templates to help you craft your letter, look no further than the cover letter builder from ResumeNerd. It’s a great tool to write your cover letter.

You should aim for your cover letter to be between 3/4 of a page and half a page, no matter what cover letter you’re writing. This gives you more than enough space to argue your case for the job application while also not making it so long that it taxes a hiring manager’s patience. This is about 250-350 words, and it’s the perfect length for a cover letter.

No matter how much work experience you have, this retail cover letter sample is a great choice. If you don’t have much professional experience as a retail assistant, lean more on your skills. You can also include any experiences that show customer service or sales skills, even if it was part-time work, volunteer work, or an internship.