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Executive Cover Letter Example

Executives are typically seen as the highest-level workers in a company. If you’re on a job search to become an executive, however, you still have to follow all the same steps as everyone else does. You have to read job descriptions, write a great resume and craft the perfect cover letter. Here’s how you can write a professional cover letter that works to get your next job.

Executive Cover Letter Sample to Start With

If you want to nail the cover letter format, you need an example to build from. Here’s a starting point that can help:

Dear Mr. Smith,

I have always been told that I possess a natural talent in the realm of management. Even as an entry-level worker, I was regularly taking leadership roles, helping other team members  and improving my stores’ sales numbers by around 10% on average in all of my roles. Today, I want to extend my talents to the executive level by applying for the executive position at Company Name.

With over 20 years of work experience in the sales industry, you would be hard-pressed to find someone as well-equipped as I am to lead a company. Over the years, I’ve grown better and better at discovering when I can take a calculated risk. And now, when I take risks, I’m typically almost certain that it will pay off for me, my co-workers, and thereby, improving production and store profits.

I know how to direct a company because I know how the intricacies of how a company works, from top to bottom. If you’re looking to improve your company’s standing in all aspects of business sales, I know my skills can help you do that. Let me know when we can discuss how my skills and experience can dramatically impact Company Name’s overall sales numbers.


Violet Coombs

Although this is a brief cover letter example, it has all the elements you need to showcase your cover letter writing skills. Here’s how to use this cover letter sample to build your own.

Executive Cover Letter Sample

How To Use This Executive Cover Letter Example to Build Yours

Your salutation is all-important in an executive cover letter. Never use a generic cover letter salutation, such as “Dear Hiring Manager” or “To Whom It May Concern,” at this level. Only use the hiring manager’s name. If in doubt, you can always contact human resources and get the hiring manager’s name. From there, you can move on to writing the actual body of the cover letter.

First paragraph: Hook, general information

In the first paragraph, you need a hook. This applicant immediately makes mention of her track record. She’s always been in positions of leadership, which shows that she takes the initiative and that people around her generally respect her. Additionally, she brings up improvements in sales that she’s accomplished. This shows a recruiter that she’s seriously skilled and proven successful.

Second paragraph: Extra information and skills

In the second paragraph, the applicant immediately brings up her years of experience. This establishes her credentials in the job application. She also spotlights her best skill which is her ability to take calculated risks. At the executive level, recruiters are looking for job seekers that are willing to break out of the mold and that’s what she’s showcasing here. If you wanted to include bullet points highlighting more of your skills and achievements, you could do so in this second paragraph.

Closing paragraph: Call to action

In the closing paragraph, you need to use your communication skills to get the hiring manager to call you in for an interview. That means asking for it directly. This applicant does it with assumptive language, stating, “Let me know when we can discuss.” This assumes that the interview is going to happen and you are only waiting for a date and time.

FAQ: Executive Cover Letter Example

Yes. A cover letter is exceptionally important because it provides many benefits that you don’t receive from general resume writing. Even a professional resume writer won’t be able to help you talk to the hiring manager directly or specifically ask for the job interview, for example. Those are benefits you can only get from a cover letter. The ResumeNerd cover letter builder is a great starting point for your cover letter, even at an executive level.

Although your executive resume may stretch to a two-page resume, you don’t need to make your executive cover letter too long. It’s best to keep your cover letter from about half a page to about 3/4 of a page or 250-350 words. This is just the right amount of space to write a compelling cover letter, even if you’re applying for your dream job.

Executives in the c-suite need lots of work experience, typically at least 5-6 years and as many as 10-15 years before you start applying to high-level executive positions. It’s also important, however, to know that many companies prefer to hire internally. If you want to get up to this executive cover letter sample’s level, you might want to start looking for internal positions where you can write a good cover letter and improve your standing.