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Sales Cover Letter

The role of a sales representative requires intelligence, charisma, and great communication skills. A great sales manager resume is crucial to any job application, of course, but you will also need a cover letter that is tailored to the details of the job description. This sales cover letter sample will give you some inspiration to help you write the perfect cover letter to get you a new job.

Sales Cover Letter Example

If you want to write a great salesperson cover letter, then consider this sales representative cover letter example for inspiration.

Dear Mr. Smith,

I would like to express my interest in the sales account manager position at [company name]. In my current position as an account executive with CarZone, I have a cumulative sales total of $700,000. Over the last four years in this role, I have honed my sales skills and communication skills to a fine edge. I believe that I can be an incredibly valuable asset to your sales team.

My skill-set primarily centers on interpersonal skills, customer relationship management and retention, and the onboarding of new clients. In my ten years of sales experience, I have consistently exceeded the quotas and sales goals set by employers by 5% to 15%, making me a high performance asset within any company. I knew that I had a passion (and talent) for sales when I attended my very first job interview with QuickCall. I presented a sales pitch for one of the company’s international phone packages to the hiring manager and was offered the sales rep role that day.

As a goal-oriented sales professional, I believe that the sales account manager role with [company name] is the natural next step in my career path. Furthermore, I believe that I can be instrumental in your continued business development inside sales and lead generation. I hope to hear from you soon and would like to discuss how I can benefit [company name] in the future,

Yours Sincerely,
Jane Dunne

Sales Cover Letter Sample

How To Write Your Sales Cover Letter Using This Example

This cover letter example has three strong features that make it an effective cover letter. These key components are:

1. A strong introduction

It is important that you catch a hiring manager’s attention by providing an introduction to you as a job seeker. This sales manager cover letter starts strong by indicating the sales position the job seeker is applying for and indicating that she is an experienced sales associate, as well as giving a concrete example of how skilled she is. This makes a hiring manager want to read further.

2. Specific achievements and experiences

The second paragraph in this cover letter provides more detail about the job seeker’s successes and gives information about how she got her first sales job. This may not always be effective, but in this case, the job seeker had a unique and successful approach to her job interview that landed them a job offer quickly. If you have a unique experience or achievement, then it pays to showcase it.

3. A statement of intent

By reiterating her wish to join the sales team and directly stating that they want to aid in the company’s business development, the job seeker has made it clear that she is ambitious and driven; these are useful qualities in a salesperson. The final sign-off is a gentle call to action, prompting follow-up contact. This is a great way to end a cover letter.

So, as you can see, this cover letter really represents the job seeker in the best possible way. It uses the hiring manager’s name, gives examples of their skills, and shows confidence. In short, it is a compelling cover letter, and that is what will secure a job interview (assuming it is paired with a strong, professional resume).

Finally, when writing your own professional cover letter, it is important that you remember to include an up-to-date header at the top of the document. This header should include your full name, phone number, and secondary contact information.

If you want to make sure your cover letter is in the best possible condition, then use the ResumeNerd cover letter builder to create a well-formatted sales associate cover letter.

FAQ: Sales Cover Letters

Yes, you should match your resume and cover letter templates as this will give your job application a professional and consistent appearance. These small details can make all the difference and shorten your job search considerably.

The average cover letter should be between half a page and three-quarters of a page in length. If you need to, then you can use one full-page to write your cover letter.

If you are applying for a sales job with little work experience, then you can still use the main features of this cover letter example. All you have to do is focus on the skills and achievements that you do have. Try to showcase experiences that you feel show you have the ability to be a great salesperson; this can mean volunteer work, internship experience, or relevant coursework.