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Office Manager Cover Letter Example

The office manager position requires you to look after everything in an office. Their duties include scheduling or running meetings, time management and much more. Running an office itself requires a level of finesse and skill that can’t just be demonstrated in a resume. This is where the cover letter comes in. The perfect cover letter can be a snap to write, even if you have never written one before. Check out these easy office manager cover letter writing tips to learn more.

Office Manager Cover Letter Sample

Here is an example of an office manager cover letter you can use to format your own letter:

Dear Mr. Smith,

As a dedicated office manager passionate about developing a safe and healthy work environment for my employees and clients, I was excited to see the listing for the office manager position at [Company Name]. I have over three years of office administration experience, developing key project management, time management and other office operations skills along the way. I believe this makes me the right fit for the role.

My experience as [Company Name]’s office manager has also taught me how to best direct my employees at large. From event planning to relaying orders to and from senior officers to junior staff, I continue to excel in my current position. My budgeting and planning efforts have proven to boost morale and overall productivity by as much as 20% last quarter alone.

Facilitating open and honest communication with my employees has helped me to develop key leadership and teamwork skills further. Creating a more productive work environment would be impossible without their valuable input.

I believe my years of experience as an office manager at [Company Name] make me the perfect candidate for your office manager role. The leadership skills in my previous position have taught me much, and I am willing to implement my key strategies to help your office run more smoothly and efficiently. Thank you for your time, and I will follow up with you next week.


Mary Jones

Tips for Writing Your Office Manager Cover Letter Using This Example

Cover letter writing can be a lot simpler if you have an office manager's resume. Your resume is a quick reflection of your overall skills and work experience. You can use that to further elaborate upon in the cover letter itself.

For instance, if your computer proficiency skills increased overall office productivity by 10% last year, then you can discuss that here. When it comes to running an entire office, hiring managers and potential employers will want to know that they’re hiring the best possible candidate.

Here’s what you can include in your cover letter:

First paragraph: Introduce yourself with a hook and list your best achievements

Hooking a recruiter’s attention often requires you to discuss your best and most relevant achievements. Introducing yourself and then quickly delving into why you are the best fit for the role shows that you aren’t wasting any time getting to the heart of the matter. Recruiters only have a limited time to get through these applications daily, so it is best to keep this hook brief and to the point.

Second paragraph: Give more information about how you’re the best fit for the job

This paragraph is where you can let your management skills and previous years of office administration experience shine. Not only can this display key communication skills, but it can also convince the hiring manager to give you a chance. Skills like MS Office, Quickbooks and other software can also be a plus.

Third paragraph: Call to action

The last paragraph of your office manager cover letter should reiterate everything you’ve just said. This helps the information stick out better in a recruiter’s mind. You should also end the letter with a call-to-action statement asking the hiring manager to get back to you at their earliest convenience. It places the responsibility back on their shoulders to reach out for a job interview should they be interested in you.

FAQ: Office Manager Cover Letters

Yes, you will need a cover letter to get an office manager position. This letter not only gives you the chance to discuss your work experience in greater detail, but it can also help you stand out from other candidates. Many job seekers will not bother writing a letter at all.

If you’re still struggling to write the perfect cover letter for your next job search, try using a cover letter builder tool. These tools have plenty of cover letter samples, templates and other cover letter writing tips for you.

Keep in mind that these cover letter samples and templates are exactly that: samples and templates. After using these tools to get a better idea of the overall writing direction, you should take the time to customize this letter to the job at hand.

To be safe, the cover letter should be one-half to no longer than three-quarters of a page. Human resources staff only have so much time to complete each application daily, so a shorter, more concise cover letter will always be appreciated.

You can tailor your cover letter accordingly if you don’t have much (if any) previous work experience. It helps to study the job posting as closely as possible to find keywords to use throughout your letter.