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3 July, 2022

Cindi Cervone Carlson

What To Know About Soft Skills On Your Resume

What To Know About Soft Skills on Your Resume

Soft skills are some of the most important skills to list on your resume. How do you effectively display your soft skills in your resume?
Creating The Right Length For Your Cover Letters

Creating the Right Length for Your Cover Letters

If you want to write a cover letter, it’s important that you understand the length and format. What should you know to make your cover lett...
What A Resume Is And How To Write Your Own

What a Resume Is and How to Write Your Own

A resume is a requirement for applying to just about every job in any industry. What is a resume, and how can you break it down to make it ea...
Tips For Explaining Gaps In Employment In A Job Interview

Tips for Explaining Gaps in Employment in a Job Interview

A gap in your employment can be an important topic during a job interview. Here’s how you should approach your employment gaps.
How To List Your Leadership Skills On A Resume

How To List Your Leadership Skills on a Resume

Leadership skills are some of the most sought-after skills out there. How can you show off your leadership skills on your resume as you apply...
What To Know About Including A GPA On Your Resume

What to Know About Including a GPA on Your Resume

Deciding whether or not a GPA belongs on your resume can be difficult. What should you know about including or choosing not to include a GPA...
How To Write A Letter Of Intent For A Job Position

How To Write a Letter of Intent for a Job Position

Most people know that a resume is an important part of applying to a job. However, you might not know that a letter of intent can also be an...
How To Write A Graphic Designer Cover Letter

How to Write a Graphic Designer Cover Letter

As a graphic designer, you need experience, skills, and confidence. Here’s how to get all of your best qualities across in your graphic des...
How To Add Hard Skills To Your Resume

How to Add Hard Skills to Your Resume

Hard skills are an important type of skill you need to include on your resume. What do you need to know about featuring hard skills to a resu...
Top Hard Skills And Soft Skills To Put On Your Resume

Top Hard Skills and Soft Skills to Put on Your Resume

Learn everything you need to know about listing hard skills and soft skills on your resume. Enhance your skills section with ten examples you...