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How To Write A Cover Letter To Get A Job This Year

How to Write a Cover Letter in 2023 + Great Tips...

Cover letters can make a huge difference in scoring you the all-important job interview. Read ResumeNerd's guide to create the perfect cover...
Use These Tools For A More Effective Job Search

Use These Tools for a More Effective Job Search

A job search is the starting point of getting your next great job. How can you start your job search today and make sure you find the job you...
Building And Delivering A Great Elevator Pitch

Building and Delivering a Great Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch allows you to present your skills and career path to an employer. How can you capitalize on it most effectively?
Unique Ways To Use Communication Skills For Success

Unique Ways To Use Communication Skills for Success

Communication skills are crucial for any industry. What are some ways to feature your communication skills in your resume?
Why Your Future Employers Should Hire You

Why Your Future Employers Should Hire You

“Why should we hire you?” is a common question in a job interview. How can you showcase you’re the best candidate and answer it in the...
How To Write An Effective Reference Letter

How to Write an Effective Reference Letter

If someone has asked you to write a reference letter, your response could help them get a job. How do you write a great reference letter?
Tips For Writing Your Personal Statement

Tips for Writing Your Personal Statement

A personal statement may be what allows you to find your perfect college. What do you need to know to create a personal statement that enhanc...
How To Add Hard Skills To Your Resume

How to Add Hard Skills to Your Resume

Hard skills are an important type of skill you need to include on your resume. What do you need to know about featuring hard skills to a resu...
How To Understand Critical Thinking Skills

How to Understand Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking skills are an important part of succeeding both in life and in the workplace. How can you create and maintain your critical...
Five Customer Service Skills To Add To Your Resume

Five Customer Service Skills To Add to Your Resume

Customer service skills can be an important element to add to your resume. Here are five of the most important skills all customer service pr...