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Administrative Cover Letter Example

The field of administration is all about handling the mundane daily tasks of running an office so that everyone else in an office can focus on whatever work they’re doing. It’s a crucial job, but it’s one that usually sits behind the scenes. An administrative cover letter needs to show that you will provide some kind of benefit to a company’s office system. Here’s how you can write a professional cover letter that shows exactly what you’re good at.

Administrative Cover Letter Sample To Build From

If you want to create a great admin letter, then you need to know how to create one. Here’s an administrative assistant cover letter example that you can use to start understanding this format.

Dear Mr. Smith,

I have really appreciated the presence of Company Name in our city for many years, so when I saw the administrative support position open, I was extremely excited. I have over 15 years of experience as an administrative expert, which means that I not only know how to do the job, but I also have connections and networks to help ensure that I can bring a better administrative experience to you.

I have always excelled in administrative skills, having performed many administrative assistant positions at companies in the past. I thrive in an office environment, and I really appreciate even the routine daily experiences like reordering office supplies. I have also honed my skill set over many years in administrative support, and I’m great at skills like time management and taking phone calls. Plus, when a large event arises, and I have to make travel arrangements and manage hundreds of people all at once, I’m always up to the task.

I believe that my skills will be the best match for your team and will help everyone in your office do their jobs even more effectively. I look forward to continuing this discussion with you and recommending a few ways I can help your company grow over the next five to ten years and beyond.


Patrick Hartmann

Although this is a very short cover letter sample specifically for an administrative assistant job, you can still use it to complete your job application.

Administrative Cover Letter Sample

Write Your Administrative Cover Letter With This Example

The first step to writing a great administrative cover letter is the salutation. Note how this cover letter format starts with the hiring manager’s name, not a generic phrase like “To whom it may concern.” By addressing the recruiter directly, you show that you put some effort into this letter, and it’s less likely to be a form letter that you’ve submitted to 100 different jobs.

First paragraph: Hook, introduction

In the opening paragraph, your cover letter template needs a hook. This applicant starts by saying that he’s always appreciated the presence of the company he’s applying to. Especially if he’s applying to a smaller business or a business that’s very local, this is a unique way to introduce yourself at the beginning of a job search, and it can make a hiring manager want to read a bit more.

Second paragraph: General experience, more skills

In the second paragraph, you want to load up on skills and experience that meets the job requirements for this specific job opening. In this example, the applicant mentions that he works well in an office environment, including in routine daily experiences, his skills in time management and phone calls, and his ability to organize large events. If you notice something like “communication skills” in the job description, then you may want to mention that instead.

Closing paragraph: Call to action

The closing paragraph of an office administrative cover letter is where you put the call to action. You need to actively ask for the job interview, which this applicant does in an assumptive way with the sentence, “I look forward to continuing this discussion with you.” Plus, he gives it the perfect cover letter ending by including a way he might be able to benefit the company at the new job, offering to talk about “ways I can help your company grow in the next five to ten years and beyond.” This is interesting, and a hiring manager may be more likely to call him in to talk about this job posting.

FAQ: Administrative Cover Letter

Yes. In any job application, you need to include a cover letter. It’s the best way to talk about the skills you really excel in and the work experiences you’ve really loved over the years. A great cover letter also gets to directly ask for a job interview, which you’re not able to do almost anywhere else. If you’re looking for cover letter tips and advice from career experts, then use the cover letter builder from ResumeNerd to create your cover letter.

An office administrative cover letter should usually be around half a page to 3/4 of a page long or about 250-350 words. This allows you to take enough time that you can expand on your work experiences and skills but doesn’t have so much length that it might drive off a hiring manager, who’s likely to have dozens of these to read every day.

You don’t need to have years of experience to write an administrative cover letter. In fact, some administrative positions are entry-level, meaning you might not need almost any experience. However, the best cover letter will focus on what you have, not what you don’t have. Rely on talking about your skill set and whatever administrative experience you do have.