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Project Manager Cover Letter Example

If you’ve already written a project manager resume according to the resume template, then you likely listed your soft skills and technical skills including “scrum and agile methodologies.” With help from a resume builder, you were also able to effectively present your project management skills to a hiring manager. Well, now you have one last step in the job application process: writing the perfect cover letter. Although this can seem like an absolutely daunting task, proving that you’re the ideal candidate in a cover letter doesn’t have to be impossible. Here’s a cover letter template you can use to impress a recruiter and move to the next stage of the hiring process.

Project Manager Cover Letter Sample to Use

If you want your job application to shine, then you need an impressive cover letter. Here’s a project manager cover letter sample you can start with.

Dear Mr. Smith,

Landing a project management position at XYZ construction site was even more rewarding than I could ever have imagined. You see, all of my skills enhanced my performance as a project manager. I started achieving more and more success in my job field, eventually landing and successfully completing a project worth over $50 million last summer. Now, I want to bring that same drive to the project manager position at Company Name.

In the project manager role, I pride myself on being a team member, not just a supervisor. I make it clear to everyone working with me that if they ever need my help, I’m available, no matter how small or big the problem. This helps significantly with productivity, as everyone feels like they’re being heard and cared for. Plus, it helps me ensure that everyone’s skill set is being used, which is great news for me, my team and the stakeholders.

I am confident that my project management skills could help your team achieve new heights. Please let me know when we can discuss my years of experience in this field and how it will transfer seamlessly to this new position.


Laurie Sevin

This letter is a great starting point, but keep in mind you need to add your own information and expand on why you are perfect for the specific role you are applying for. Here’s how you can turn this example into your own letter. 

Project Manager Cover Letter Sample

Using This Example to Write Your Own Project Manager Cover Letter

First paragraph: Hook, introduction

Immediately, the applicant starts out with a great hook. By starting with a slightly mysterious phrase the applicant makes the recruiter want to read more about what could be “more rewarding.”. The applicant continues by explaining a quantitative success working on a $50 million project planning endeavor. This is a great opening that makes a hiring manager see your success and consider you a serious job candidate.

Second paragraph: Expanding on information

In the second paragraph, you need to talk about what sets you apart from other job seekers. Talk about previous jobs you’ve held, like a previous assistant project manager position, your specific skills, such as problem-solving and risk management, and anything else that shows why the recruiter should hire you over one of your peers. You could also include bullet points under this paragraph to include more information here.

Third paragraph: Call to action

In the final paragraph, you need the call to action. That’s where you directly ask for the job interview. Assumptive language like the applicant uses, like “Please let me know when we can discuss,” is a great way to encourage the hiring manager to take the next step.

FAQ: Project Manager Cover Letter Example

Yes. A professional cover letter is one of the best ways you can talk about your project management experience and it allows you to ask for a job interview directly as well. If you want to make your skills and experience as clear as possible, then it’s important that you write a cover letter. If you’re not comfortable writing a cover letter on your own, then use the cover letter builder from ResumeNerd to do it.

On average, your project manager cover letter should be between half a page and 3/4 of a page, or around 250-350 words. This is long enough for you to discuss everything relevant to your qualifications for the job but not so long that a hiring manager doesn’t want to read the whole thing and ends up passing over it.

Yes. As important as a targeted resume is, a targeted cover letter is even more important. One of the most crucial cover letter tips is that a hiring manager reads dozens if not hundreds of cover letters for every position. They know what they’re looking for, and if you’re submitting a generic cover letter that you’ve submitted to dozens of other jobs, they’ll be aware. A new cover letter will help your letter look clean and impressive. Read the job description carefully and include pertinent keywords in you cover letter.