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Manager Cover Letter Example

The term manager covers a variety of different job titles. However, there’s one aspect they all have in common. You need leadership skills to thrive in management positions, and your job application needs to reflect the skills that the job posting indicates. If you want to impress a hiring manager with your cover letter, you need to have a great cover letter template to start with. Here’s how to use a manager resume example to land your next manager job.

Manager Cover Letter Example To Start Your Managerial Journey

How do you start your manager job search? Typically, you should begin with a sample cover letter. Here’s a short example  to start with:

Dear Mr. Smith,

When I first became a store manager, I immediately had an idea in mind for a new project management process. Within the first month,I had already begun executing my idea to help enhance production at the branch. It was a complicated task that required a lot of hard work but after changing our processes, our sales skyrocketed by 24% and continued favorably. This endeavor helped me realize that risk-taking was an important part of managerial work. I want to bring that career-changing experience and knowledge to the manager position at Company Name.

My communication skills are some of my best skills. My experience in speaking with many different workers and clients throughout my career has helped me significantly in learning how to communicate. I believe that inspiring a following is more important than just autocratically demanding obedience. Taking my coworkers’ ideas, beliefs and opinions into consideration has helped me succeed as a manager.

I am fully aware that management skills are not the only skill that a manager needs to master. Managers also need to lead by example. Let me know when we can discuss my management style and general managerial preferences.


Leroy Potter

Although this cover letter template is short, it’s a great starting point. Here’s how to develop it into a cover letter that works for you.

Manager Cover Letter Sample

Use This Manager Cover Letter Sample To Build Your Manager Position

To begin your great cover letter, write a header and salutation. Start with your full name and contact information. Include your phone number and job networking profile links, such as LinkedIn. Then, address the cover letter to the hiring manager directly. Avoid phrases like “To Whom It May Concern.” From there, you can start writing the body of your perfect cover letter.

First paragraph: Hook, general introduction

The first paragraph needs to start with a hook. In this cover letter, the applicant describes his first-ever business idea as a manager in which he completely changed the way the company managed projects. It was a success, and he uses measurable metrics to show that. From there, he explains how he could use this experience in the new job.

Second paragraph: More information about your skills and experience

In the second paragraph, you need to prove why you’re better than other job seekers. Talk about your skillset and why it’s so beneficial to your job. In this example, the applicant mentions his communication skills and his ability to inspire a following rather than just demanding that people obey him because he’s the manager.

Closing paragraph: Call to action

The closing paragraph needs to include your call to action for a job interview. This is a critical part of a cover letter, and it’s what separates the cover letter from a professional resume. This applicant assumes the interview, saying, “Let me know when we can discuss more.” He follows that with a professional sign-off, using “Sincerely” followed by his full name.

FAQ: Manager Cover Letter Example

Yes. A cover letter is extremely important if you want to get a manager job. You can show that you have management experience on your resume, but you can’t discuss how you made an impact on previous management jobs without a professional cover letter. Plus, the cover letter also allows you to ask directly for the job interview. This is a hugely helpful element of the cover letter. You can use the < a href="">cover letter builder from ResumeNerd to create your cover letter.

Cover letters should typically be between half a page and 3/4 of a page, and d never be longer than one page. This gives you ample space to talk about your work experience without making the letter so long that a recruiter doesn’t want to read it in its entirety. A cover letter featuring 250 and 350 words provides the best results.

Yes. Although managers need experience to get hired, you don’t necessarily need as extensive experience as described in this manager cover letter sample to get the job. This is the case whether you have a few years of experience as a manager or no experience in a management job title. With less experience, you can lean more heavily on your skills and the management experience you do have.