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Education Cover Letter Example

If you’re currently engaged in an education job search, you probably already know that a resume is important. However, too many job seekers only write resumes and never consider the importance of cover letters. A cover letter is a critically important part of showing how you meet the job description and have all the necessary skills.

Education Cover Letter Example To Start With

To write a great education cover letter, you first need an example. Here’s an education cover letter example to build from.

Dear Mr. Smith,

I believe that teaching students with the intention of learning, not just passing tests, is far and away the best way to teach. This teaching philosophy has served me well over the past 10 years, and, somewhat counter-intuitively, it’s also helped me reduce the number of students getting failing grades by 43%. I want to bring these same teaching methods to the teaching position at School Name.

I have a decade of teaching experience with children of all ages. I’ve taught elementary school, middle school and high school, and I’ve learned that children just want you to listen to them. I’ve been able to create lesson plans that my students love. I have found out what makes people enjoy learning, and I connect with learners on a deeper level. Plus, I’ve discovered my teaching philosophy and created methods of incorporating it into my classroom.

Elementary students need someone who will listen to them and teach them what they need to know without being condescending or overly harsh. I know I can help your students and be a great addition to your already exemplary staff. Please let me know when we can talk about how I can use my experience to benefit your student outreach programs.

Gloria Thrailkill

This is a short cover letter example, but it can be an effective foundation for your letter.

Education Cover Letter Sample

Structure Your Education Cover Letter Based on This Example

At the top of your cover letter, you will write your salutation. Use the hiring manager’s name directly. Don’t use generic introductions like “To Whom It May Concern” or “Dear Sir or Madam.” From there, you can move on to the rest of the job application.

First paragraph: Hook, introductory information

A hook is important if you want to ensure the hiring manager reads your cover letter. In this cover letter, the applicant starts with her teaching philosophy. She conveys the idea that you should be teaching children to learn, not just pass classes. From there, she continues with some more information about how she teaches and why this makes her a great teacher.

Second paragraph: More information about your skills

In the second paragraph, expand on your skills and the knowledge you have. This applicant, who is applying for an elementary teaching job, mentions that she’s taught elementary school, middle school and high school. She also spotlights her skills in knowing how to connect with children and creating her teaching philosophy.

Closing paragraph: Call to action

In the closing paragraph, you need a call to action. It’s important that you directly ask for the job interview here. You don’t typically get a chance to ask for the interview, which means this could have an active impact on whether or not you get the interview. This applicant uses an assumptive method of requesting the job interview with the phrasing, “Please let me know when we can talk about how I can use my experience ….”

FAQ: Education Cover Letter Example

Yes. An education cover letter is an important part of making a hiring manager consider bringing you in for a job interview. Not only does it allow you to tell the recruiter about your experience teaching in previous jobs, but it also allows you to ask directly for the interview. That makes a professional cover letter extremely important to accompany your resume in any job application process. Use the ResumeNerd cover letter builder to find an education cover letter sample that works for you and build a great cover letter.

In general, your cover letter should be the same length regardless of the job you’re pursuing. That means around half a page to 3/4 of a page which is around 250-350 words. Never make your cover letter longer than one page. The perfect cover letter should be easy for a hiring manager to read and understand, so they know why you’re a good choice to work in their school district.

Yes. An education position doesn’t always require years of experience. Oftentimes, entry-level educators, such as elementary teachers, have very little experience. However, you can still cite academic experience and internship experience as well as shadowing experience, if you need more experience to include in your job application. Either way, rely on your skills and certifications in this cover letter format.