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Registered Nurse Cover Letter Example

When aiming to get hired for a nurse position, the cover letter is just as crucial as the resume. The cover letter is where you explain why you are qualified for the position and what you can bring to this role in healthcare. It’s also where your passion for your work can shine through. Working in healthcare is often a thankless job, so hiring managers need to see that passion reflected clearly in a cover letter. Read on to find a great cover letter sample and tips you can use when it’s time to write your perfect cover letter.

Registered Nurse Cover Letter Sample

Tips For Writing Your Registered Nurse Cover Letter Using This Example

You don’t have to make your cover letter a direct copy of the above example. It’s just to get you started. Depending on your work history and the job application, you will personalize your cover letter to emphasize your best achievements and skills. Here are some cover letter tips that will help you personalize your cover letter and help you get invited to interview for that new job.

First paragraph: Introduce yourself.

In the opening paragraph of your cover letter, you need to introduce yourself. Let the recruiter know about the specific job you are applying to and explain your intentions. Talk a bit about your education and certifications, but only mention the most relevant ones in this first paragraph. Hook the recruiter in by adding an attention-grabbing detail. This can be your years of experience, the honors you graduated with or a high-profile reference.

Second paragraph: Talk about your skills and experience.

Use the second paragraph in your cover letter to explain why you’re the best fit for the position. Talk more in detail about your education and certifications. Highlight the soft skills and hard skills that will make you an asset to your employer. Here are some points you can mention in the second paragraph:

  • Communication skills
  • Awards
  • Availability
  • Future certification plans

You should also mention how passionate you are about the job and use examples to back up your claims. To give the recruiter a good sense of the kind of nurse you are, use metrics to talk about how you handle the responsibilities at your job.

Third paragraph: Call to action

In the final paragraph, ask for an interview. The standard way of doing this is simply stating, “I look forward to hearing from you.” Asking for an interview is a great way to show that you are confident in your ability to get hired and invites the recruiter to think about it seriously.

FAQ: Registered Nurse Cover Letter Example

Yes. You should send a cover letter along with your nurse resume. A professional resume doesn’t cover enough of why you are the best fit for the job. A cover letter will give you the space to freely sell yourself as the best nurse the recruiter can hire.

The cover letter should be no more than three-quarters of a page long. You don’t want to overwrite because you could pad the cover letter with useless information. Recruiters have to wade through many resumes and letters every day. A direct, clear and concise cover letter is more effective than one that is overly long.

On the other hand, be sure not to make it too short. Look up multiple cover letter templates to better understand how long a standard cover letter should be. You can even use a cover letter builder to see what material should be kept in or edited out.

Yes. This cover letter still works even if you don’t have much experience. Instead of focusing on your work history, focus on your academic achievements. Mention any extracurricular activities that relate to caregiving and use them to highlight your soft skills. To get ideas about what you want to write, look at the job description and tailor the cover letter based on what the recruiters want to see. There are also many nurse cover letter samples made for recent graduates that you can look at for inspiration.