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Teacher Cover Letter Example

Whether you want to work in a high school or an elementary school, no matter which school district you work in, the right teacher resume and cover letter combination is a must to find a great position. Here’s how to display your skills and experience in your cover letter to land a great teaching position.

What Should A Teacher Cover Letter Focus On?

Whether you want to work in special education or kindergarten, you will need strong communication skills, great time management skills, and the ability to manage stress well. Of course, teaching experience is also a requirement for senior roles. The bulk of your information, skills, and qualifications will be held on your resume, of course, so your cover letter should provide extra information. When you write your teacher cover letter, focus on what makes you a better choice than other candidates: your unique selling point (USP). This could be the awards you’ve won, projects you’ve managed, or additional professional certifications you have earned.

Teacher Cover Letter Sample

What Makes This Example Great

There are several elements that make this cover letter stand out as a good teacher cover letter sample. If you want to get your dream elementary school teacher position, you should include these features in your cover letter:

Informative introduction

Every cover letter should start with an effective introduction to the job seeker as an individual. A brief overview of who you are and what makes you best qualified for the role is always a good way to start a cover letter.

Statement of relevant achievements

This cover letter example showcases four achievements that are relevant to the role of an elementary school teacher. Yours can do the same. Just consider the job description, pick two to four achievements that fit what the job needs, and showcase them using bullet points.

Tidy closing and call to action

This example ends with a reiteration of the job seeker’s interest and a call to action (e.g., “I look forward to speaking with you” rather than “I hope to speak with you”). End your cover letter on a strong note by inviting follow-up contact from the hiring manager.

FAQs: Teacher Cover Letter Example

Yes, matching the “look” of your cover letter and resume is an easy way to give your job application a professional, cohesive appearance. If you use resume templates and cover letter templates you will also benefit from the certainty that your documents will be well-formatted.

Ideally, your teaching job cover letter should be no more than three-quarters of a page in length, but you can use as much as one full page if you have a lot of valuable information to include.

Yes, you can use this example to get inspiration for writing your own teaching job cover letter when you have little to no work history. In this case, all you have to do is put more focus on non-professional work experience, relevant coursework, and academic achievements. You can also include internships and volunteer work if you wish to.