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Cover Letter Tips

How To Navigate Cover Letter Formatting

How To Navigate Cover Letter Formatting

Mastering the cover letter format is crucial if you want to create an effective cover letter. Here’s what you need to know so cover letter...

Secure Your Dream Role This Year With a Great Pain Letter

Learn how to write a pain letter, including tips and a guide to finding pain points, to help secure your dream role this year.
A Stunning Consulting Cover Letter Example For This Year

A Stunning Consulting Cover Letter Example for This Year

Consultation is an advanced role in any field. Prove you have a strong skillset for a job in this field through these cover letter examples a...
Writing The Best Career Change Cover Letter

Writing the Best Career Change Cover Letter

If you’re planning to change careers, you need a great cover letter. Here’s how you can create the best cover letter to showcase your ski...
Use These Professor CV Examples To Write Your Own

Beyond the Resume: Cover Letters for Professionals

Everything you ever wanted to know about cover letters for professionals, including what they are, why they’re so important, and how to wri...
Creating The Right Length For Your Cover Letters

Creating the Right Length for Your Cover Letters

If you want to write a cover letter, it’s important that you understand the length and format. What should you know to make your cover lett...
How To Write A Letter Of Intent For A Job Position

How To Write a Letter of Intent for a Job Position

Most people know that a resume is an important part of applying to a job. However, you might not know that a letter of intent can also be an...
Differences Between A Letter Of Intent And A Cover Letter

Differences Between a Letter of Intent and a Cover Letter

A Letter of intent and a cover letter are similar, but each has distinct purposes. What should you know about their differences and similarit...
Letter Of Interest Vs. Cover Letter Differences

Letter of Interest vs. Cover Letter Differences

The cover letter and letter of interest seem to have the same function. What are the differences between a cover letter and letter of interes...
How To Write A Motivation Letter This Year

How to Write a Motivation Letter This Year

Every job seeker knows to include a great resume and cover letter with their job application. What exactly is a motivation letter and why do...