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Cover Letter Tips

How To Write A Generic Cover Letter

How to Write a Generic Cover Letter

A generic cover letter can work as a good base and a general outline that you can customize for roles. How do you go about creating a good ge...
How To Write A Cover Letter To Get A Job This Year

How to Write a Cover Letter to Get a Job This...

Cover letters can make a huge difference in scoring you the all-important job interview. What do you need to know about writing a cover lette...
Differences Between A Letter Of Intent And A Cover Letter

Differences Between a Letter of Intent and a Cover Letter

A Letter of intent and a cover letter are similar, but each has distinct purposes. What should you know about their differences and similarit...
Letter Of Interest Vs. Cover Letter Differences

Letter of Interest vs. Cover Letter Differences

The cover letter and letter of interest seem to have the same function. What are the differences between a cover letter and letter of interes...
How To Write A Motivation Letter This Year

How to Write a Motivation Letter This Year

Every job seeker knows to include a great resume and cover letter with their job application. What exactly is a motivation letter and why do...
How To Write An Effective Reference Letter

How to Write an Effective Reference Letter

If someone has asked you to write a reference letter, your response could help them get a job. How do you write a great reference letter?
Tips On Writing A Salary Requirement In A Cover Letter

Tips on Writing a Salary Requirement in a Cover Letter

Sometimes, a potential employer may ask you to list your salary requirements in your cover letter. Here’s how you tactfully indicate salary...
“To Whom It May Concern” On Your Cover Letter

“To Whom It May Concern” on Your Cover Letter

The term “To Whom It May Concern” is generally considered to be outdated on a cover letter. Why is that, and what should you replace it w...
What Does A Cover Letter Look Like?

What Does a Cover Letter Look Like?

Presentation is key to the success of your cover letter. Learn best practices for structuring to maximize your chances of securing a job inte...
Writing Stand-Out Cover Letters That Recruiters Will Notice

Writing Stand-Out Cover Letters that Recruiters Will Notice

Cover letters are an essential element of the job application that many job seekers neglect. Here’s what a cover letter is and how to writ...