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Interview Tips

Seven Phone Interview Tips To Get The Job Of Your Dreams

Seven Phone Interview Tips to Get the Job of Your Dreams

Ace your phone interview with this guide and seven interview tips. Get career advice from ResumeNerd to impress any hiring manager and get th...
10 Questions To Ask Your Interviewer To Land Your Dream Job

10 Questions to Ask Your Interviewer to Land Your Dream Job

The questions you ask at your job interview shows the interviewer you’re interested and can help you get hired. Here’s the questions you...
Top 5 Questions To Ask At The End Of An Interview

Top 5 Questions to Ask at the End of an Interview

At the end of an interview process, it’s best to ask the hiring manager questions about the role. Here are some questions to ask at the end...
Tips For Answering Job Interview Resume Questions

Tips for Answering Job Interview Resume Questions

Job interview resume questions are an important part of getting a job. Here’s what you need to know so that you can ace your interview and...
How To Get Ready For A Second Interview

How to Get Ready for a Second Interview

A second interview can be even more daunting than the first interview. How do you create a positive impact on your interviewer the second tim...
How To Handle The “Sell Me This Pen” Challenge Successfully

How to Handle the “Sell me This Pen” Challenge Successfully

When a recruiter asks you to sell them something in a job interview they are assessing a number of critical skills. Do you know the best way...
Tips For Answering Situational Interview Questions

Tips for Answering Situational Interview Questions

There are many interview questions that you’re likely to get when you go in for a job interview. Understanding and preparing hypothetical i...
How To Use And Master The STAR Method For Interviews

How to Use and Master the STAR Method for Interviews

The STAR interview method is a surefire way to ace your interview questions. Here’s how to utilize the STAR method for effective answers.
The Most Common Teacher Interview Questions

The Most Common Teacher Interview Questions

In a teacher interview, it’s important that you have great answers to a variety of questions. How can you prepare yourself for these questi...
How To Write A Great Thank-You Email After An Interview

How to Write a Great Thank-you Email After an Interview

Sending a thank-you email after an interview is a great way to stand out to an employer. Here’s how you can write a thank-you email that a...