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Email Cover Letter

When writing a cover letter, one of the first elements you need to consider is what platform you’re writing it on. In most situations, you’ll be saving a cover letter as a Word document or PDF file, which you’ll either upload directly to the hiring manager on the company’s website or send in as a hard copy. However, in some situations, you’ll write your cover letter as an email, to which you’ll attach your resume. Here’s how you can write an email cover letter that works.

What Is An Email Cover Letter?

An email cover letter is any professional email you send to apply for a job. Oftentimes, this happens when the hiring manager specifically wants you to email your attached resume to them. In this case, you’ll have to include your cover letter in the body of your email. Writing this type of cover letter is a bit different than a more traditional cover letter, so it’s important to know how to approach it.

Formatting Your Email Cover Letter

Even though you’re not writing your cover letter as a standard document, your email cover letter is still an important part of your job application. Here are a few email cover letter format elements that you should consider:

  • Email cover letters are often even shorter than traditional cover letters. Keep the email cover letter under 250 words.
  • Always use spell check and proofread your cover letter before you send it. Most email providers have spell check built-in, but you might want to consider writing your email message in a Word document, reviewing it, then pasting it into your email.
  • Pay close attention to the file name for your attached resume. It’s typically best to name it something like, “Resume_FullName_JobTitle,” so that it’s easy to tell at a glance what it is.
  • Use the default email font and sizing. There’s no need to choose specific fonts or font sizes for your email cover letter.

If you use these tips, you’ll be able to create and format a great-looking email cover that is a strong component of your job application.

Email Cover Letter Example

Email Cover Letter Example

The Important Features Of An Email Cover Letter

A big part of making a great first impression is ensuring that every element of your cover letter is on point. Here’s how you can use an email cover letter example to build your cover letter format.

Subject line

The email subject line is an underappreciated component of an email cover letter. Include your full name and the job title you’re applying for. You can also include the company name, especially if you believe a third-party recruiter is handling the hiring process.


It’s best not to use a generic salutation like “To Whom It May Concern,” “Dear Sir or Madam,” or “Dear Hiring Manager.” Instead, use the hiring manager’s name whenever possible. You can use just the last name, like “Dear Mr. Smith,” or the first and last name, like “Dear Ms. Jane Doe.”

Work experience and relevant skills

The bulk of your cover letter, including your first paragraph and second paragraph, should be about your experience, your skillset, and the reasons you’re right for the job. This will occupy most of the body of the email. You can learn more about how to write a cover letter at ResumeNerd.

Call to action

At the end of your final paragraph, include a call to action, such as asking the hiring manager for the opportunity to have a job interview. This is one of the biggest reasons that you have a cover letter in the first place, so use it to your advantage.


Finally, you have the sign-off. This is where you put your name and a professional sign-off term. Use something professional, such as “Sincerely,” rather than something that may read as too personal, like “Yours.”

Personal information

In most cover letters, you list your personal information at the top. However, for an email cover letter, it’s often best to write the content first, then list that information at the bottom, including your contact information (address, phone and email), and any professional social media links, like LinkedIn.

FAQ: Email Cover Letter

No. If you’re sending an email cover letter, assume that it’s your cover letter for the job application. Not only does this mean that you should put as much thought into it as though it were any other cover letter, but it also means that you don’t need to write a second cover letter.

You can talk about any experiences that have a bearing on what the job needs. It’s all about how you connect to the hiring manager in for a job interview. You can look at different cover letter formats if you want to know the types of elements to talk about in d convincing them to invite each paragraph of the cover letter.

Don’t think of cover letter templates as only being useful for a standard cover letter. These templates can help you map the structure and content of your letter, and how to emphasize your skills. The ResumeNerd cover letter builder can help you write a better email cover letter – you can even save it as a text document that you can paste directly into your email message.