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Cover Letter Tips

Determining A Cover Letter Layout

Determining a Cover Letter Layout

A cover letter layout is the basic building block of how you put together your cover letter. Here’s how you can make your cover letter layo...
Tips For Writing Your Internship Cover Letter

Tips for Writing Your Internship Cover Letter

Many internships are intensely competitive, which means you need a great cover letter. How do you write the perfect cover letter for your nex...
How To Use Cover Letter Enclosures To Boost Your Job Search

How to Use Cover Letter Enclosures to Boost Your Job Search

If you have additional documents to include with your job application, a cover letter enclosure could be helpful. Do you know how to use a co...
Creating A Great Professional Cover Letter Design

Creating a Great Professional Cover Letter Design

Cover letter design is a big part of making sure your cover letter catches a recruiter’s eye. How do you make sure your cover letter design...
8 Best Fonts To Use On Your Cover Letter

8 Best Fonts to Use on Your Cover Letter

Compared to the content of your cover letter, the font might not seem like that big a deal. Here’s why it’s important to choose the best...
Are Cover Letters Still Important In This Year?

Are Cover Letters Still Important in This Year?

An effective, professional cover letter can take a lot of time to get right. Do recruiters really expect you to write a cover letter for job...